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Please Meet Mary Katis

“I believe everything and anything is possible” hence why I commenced writing a book on my own healing journey.

Mary realized that standard counselling approaches are not sufficient to provide consistent real world results for clients.

"Every part of us is represented in our energy body, everything around us is energy, and each of the auric bodies has a particular function and governs certain aspects of our physical, mental & emotional wellbeing. Since the whole system is influenced by our thoughts, beliefs, actions and emotions, an insult at any level spreads throughout the whole body causing and imbalance. Sometimes the effects are felt very quickly and sometimes they manifest only years later"

Mary Katis specialises in assisting clients with solutions on physical, emotional and psychological concerns such as performance study skills, motivation, confidence, relationships, anxiety, stress, including behavioural changes such as smoking, drinking, eating disorders, fears, phobias, pain and physical ailments. 

Mary is Clinical Hypnotherapist and Strategic Psychotherapist professionally registered with the Australian Counselling Association & the Australian Hypnotherapy Association.   Mary holds a Bachelor's in Counselling Psychology, focusing on Post Trauma Stress Disorder (PTSD), Addictions, Abuse, Relationships & Grief and Loss, including Masters in Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP). Professional certification with the Richards Trauma Process (TRTP),  professional accreditation with the International Institute of Complementary Therapies, and Internationally Certified Reconnective Healing Facilitator.

My Own Healing Journey

I had been diagnosed with a chronic condition at the age of 15, doctors claimed there was no cure for the condition. When you are given a terminal health diagnosis, a period of grief for the life you had closely follows. You are forced to accept what feels like an unacceptable permanent change, and that alters everything within you. Although it seems like the end, bizarrely, it’s a great starting point to self-discovery!

I was frustrated and needed to know more about other treatments, who had been cured what type of treatments were saving peoples vision both Western & Eastern treatments. 

I discovered Dr Eric Pearl’s book “The Reconnection Heal others Heal Yourself” and felt an instant urge to pursue this healing. After experiencing my own healing sessions my eyes improved dramatically and my medication has ceased.

My study continued I put together a healing program that covered all the bases, physical, emotional and spiritual.

I continue to share this knowledge by providing the above services, bringing you back to a state of balance.  “Clients have reported healings on a variety of levels in their lives, as well as major positive shifts with, work, relationships, medical conditions and much more.