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Reconnective Healing Client

"Hey Mary,
I’ve been meaning to message you for some time, I kept getting wrapped up in the craziness of life! But I just wanted to send you a quick message of gratitude for helping me through that challenging point in my life.

I’m sitting here reading over the book I had started writing and the person that wrote it doesn’t feel close to the same person I am now. I have made wonderful changes that have affected both the small and larger parts of my life from attracting supportive and ever growing friends, to working out everyday and not wearing makeup. The changes might seem like minuscule outside modifications, especially the last, but they have a greater magnitude on the inside, one I thought I’d never reach.

I actually love and appreciate my whole self, I know what I deserve and I’ll stand up for it. I have also discovered a greater connection with the spirit world and found direction in my career. It’s only been a few months so I can’t wait to see what else comes! 

I just want to say how much I appreciated your help, it’s like you were able to guide me to the life I was waiting for! I hope all is well with you!!"



TRTP - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 

"I first came to Mary to deal with a work related PTSD incident. My career had been stagnant for almost a year after the trauma occurred. I had very little hope I would ever be able to succeed in my field or even be able to practice in it again. I was terrified.

Mary took me through the TRTP process and after the 2nd session, I immediately felt strong personal power back in my life. All of the tasks I was struggling to face, had been putting off, running from or burying with denial - now took no effort to face and complete. 

This process has literally been a miracle in my life. 

Mary was very easy to relax with and trust from the beginning. I believed her when she told me it would be no problem to dissolve my trauma / block - and she was right. I continue to work with Mary using NLP to enhance my performance on projects, break through studying blocks, or any other block that keeps me from living my best life."



Clinical Hypnotherapy "Weightloss Client"

To All Interested Persons

"I am pleased to write this testimonial for Mary Katis regarding a hypnotherapy treatment I received from her on Sunday 2nd March 2014.

My previous experience of hypnosis was limited to a long ago ‘failed attempt’ to be a subject in a stage presentation and since then two inductions that were not remarkable. My session with Mary Katis was my first time ever to receive a properly conducted hypnotic treatment.

I was impressed by Mary’s very professional manner and her display of considerable skill. I felt safe and willing to trust whatever she did. The process I had agreed to engage in was weight loss. In retrospect I was surprised at how quickly I went into deep trance. I don’t have any recollection of what happened after the induction but when I emerged at the end of the process I felt light in body and mind and very refreshed.

Since doing that process with Mary I am finding a difference in the way I think about food and eating. I am more mindful about how I manage snacking between meals and, most interesting of all, I am satisfied with smaller heaps of food on my plate at regular meal times.

I am very happy with the process, with the way it was conducted and with the outcome. I have no hesitation in recommending Mary Katis to anyone considering attending hypnotherapy treatment with her."

Yours sincerely

Malcolm Pearce PhD


Reconnective Healing Client

"Guys I totally need to share an incredible event in my life (and this is mine, not a re-post from someone else).

I'd been suffering gout-like symptoms in my foot for the last 4-odd years and about 1.5 years ago my one knee decided it was t...ime to go all weird on me, to the extent that climbing stairs was really difficult and walking was a chore.

My trip to Rome in January 2013 was really sad, at the age of 46 I was struggling along like an 80-year old and I decided that I'd most likely need to start asking questions about knee reconstruction this year ... the thought literally drove me to tears.

I met this wonderful woman, Mary Katis Reconnective Healing at an NLP course last year and although she told me a little about what she does, I dismissed it as a little airy-fairy 'cuz I'd never really believed in stuff like that.

Mary and I reconnected at our NLP Masters Prac course about 2 months ago and over a number of lunch breaks I asked more questions and finally decided 'what the heck, I have nothing to lose apart from a few hundred dollars and a bit of time'.

I did my last session with Mary 4 weeks ago and it's been 4 weeks since I last took medication for my foot.

2 months ago I didn't want to even contemplate a gym session 'cuz it hurt so much! The other day I did 28 minutes on the cross-trainer and only stopped because I was running out of time and wanted to work on 2 other machines before going back to work.

I've been given a new lease on life and it rocks!

I'm so grateful for how you helped me Mary, and thank you so much for making the time to work with my daughter next weekend! My parents are visiting from South Africa in April and I'll make sure to book my mum in as soon as I have their dates.

In a nutshell guys: I never thought that Reconnective Healing could work for someone as pragmatic as myself but it has changed my life!

It may or may not work for you but have a look at Mary's page and decide for yourself Goto facebook

I know it's rare for me to give anyone a shout-out on here, but damn! I wish I had worked with you when I first met you a year ago, 'cuz it would've given me back me lease on life a year ago.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Mary! You ROCK!"

- Alex Schroder


Clinical Hypnotherapy Client

“Mary, you truly are blessed and gifted.  I want to say thank you so much for helping me yesterday. 

You helped me release all my fears and most of all the pain and grief that I have felt since both of my cats passed away. 

Today, I feel much better. Thanks to you, I now know about appreciation. It keeps on popping into my head. The images of both Coco and Sunny being sick, and... the last images of me holding them while the vet was injecting them to put them to sleep, has subsided.

The guilt I felt has left me. I now have the happy and funny images in my head. The good times I spent with them, and the warm and fuzzy feelings I felt when they were well and alive. I think of them now and laugh to myself rather than cry. You helped me release that.

I so needed it! Most people, including myself, don't know how to adjust and move forward from such pain. We need guidance. I'm also a very proud person and keep things to myself and I don't talk about things, I don't ask for help, so I store and carry all this unnecessary pain. 

You brought forward all the pain and made me face it. You made me cry and release it. I felt exhausted! But I felt safe with you Mary. You guided me, you helped me. Last year, when I came to you for the Reconnective Healing, you helped me so much with my creativity and work. As a result, I am financially independent. I have my own business and I am doing very well. 

The creativity and designs are flowing, there is no hesitation there. It's full speed ahead! And now, once again you have helped me, but this time emotionally. 

You cleansed my emotions. I don't know how to thank you my friend. One of the biggest gifts someone can give you is peace. You have given me peace. The feeling is amazing. Go forward Mary and spread this gift you have. You are an angel. I definitely, without a doubt will come back for more. Good luck with everything you do, and thank you so much. Lots of love, Maria xxx"

- Maria Roubos


Clinical Hypnotherapy Client

"I had been recommended to Mary Katis by a dear friend who saw her regarding quitting smoking, to my surprise my friend no longer smokes the results were instant. I contacted Mary regarding a slight drinking addiction that I needed assistance with, also goal setting to achieve a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. After one session of a challenging two hours I am happy to say I have stop drinking and due to that I have changed my diet and focusing on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend Clinical Hypnosis for anyone who is struggling with any addiction. Thank you Mary for your very realistic and stern approach in assisting me, although very emotionally exhausting I got to my goal and am very grateful for your assistance." 

- Julie Vaxter


Life Coaching combined with NLP Client

"Well although I felt my head was fried in the first hour the second hour didn’t get any better. I was so frustrated and angry I wanted to punch a hole in the wall. By the end of our session together I felt much lighter and understand what you were doing. I am pleased to say I have taken charge of my life and going ahead with creating my tiling business I feel mentally stronger and no longer disempowered by my boss. Mary thank you. I feel empowered and trust in my ability to believe in myself. I highly recommend coaching for anyone who feels trapped. Best of luck in your business I’m confident you will do well"

- Peter Walker


Reconnective Healing Client

"Hi Mary, Hope you are well, just wanted to share my journey since my reconnection. I've obviously felt so much better and grounded/ balanced and my body has been healing well. I got a new job, it's a short term contract to start off with, but I'm sure it'll open up new doors. It's with Citibank... I also was going through the recruitment process for the Australian Federal Police, and I'm now at the last stages, but I have sailed through with ease and I'd attribute that to the reconnection. Hoping that many more wonderful manifestations continue to occur in my life. Love, light and hugs thank you." 

- Dexter Cutinha


Reconnective Healing Client

"I Wish to thank you, and will highly recommend this type of healing to anyone with any emotional or physical challenges!" 

- Ron Kaji


Reconnective Healing Client

"I had an amazing healing experience. Thank you."

- Adam Blake


Reconnective Healing Client

"Thank you Mary for my healing series. The main difference I noticed straightaway is I went into a deep peace. Now it's been just under a month since my last 333 thing. I just feel this ease and grace about things which is exactly what I needed. Thank you”

- Adrien Coulter


TRTP – Fear of flying

"Mary has helped me immensely in overcoming my fear of flying and being in enclosed spaces.

I saw results very quickly and after three sessions I could catch a train without my usual sense of overwhelming anxiety and panic.

I also recently returned from an overseas trip where flying would have sent me into a full blown anxiety attack.

Instead, of my usual dread I had some very mild nervousness which went away completely once on the plane. This would have been impossible to me before my sessions with Mary.

I was sceptical that I could see these kind of results from three sessions but I am very glad to have gone through it."

- Kahlia


TRTP – Irritable bowel Syndrome

"When I had my first clinical hypnotherapy session, it was very different to what I expected. I wasn't prepared for the journey to explore the deeper cause of my irritable bowel syndrome. IBS has restricted me from doing many things that I enjoy, and from living my life to the fullest.

Mary created a safe environment for me during our sessions and I always walked away with homework to do before my next session. This was a part of the process. I had a slow start... something was holding me back - fear, doubts, symptoms. Mary was patient and asked me to trust in the process. Over the next few sessions, I committed to the process 100% and started to notice real progress. 

Mary has provided me with the tools and courage to take back the control of my body and live the life I want, on my own terms. I am excited about what the future holds. Thank you Mary!" 

- PH


TRTP - Depression/Anxiety/Low Self-Esteem Client

"So a little about me. I am 36yrs old and have been suffering from depression, anxiety and low self-esteem amongst other things, as I had some pretty bad stuff happen over the years.

As I finally looked for help, I came across hypnotherapy and Mary Katis. Once reading what Mary could do, I made an appointment with her.

Mary made me feel very comfortable and at ease, she is very easy to talk to and taylors the therapy around your and needs.

I was a bit sceptical at first but as I eased into the sessions, (I only did 3 sessions), I now find myself in a much happier place. If I feel that I need a pick me up I just listen to the positive recordings we did when I was under hypnosis."



TRTP – Depression/Anxiety

Thanking Mary for my transformation!
In 3 sessions I went from feeling like I had no future to changing my thought patterns around.
This experience has helped me move on from the past and allowed me to focus on the now.
I truly recommend Mary, she is a magician!'



TRTP – Gambling Addiction

"I had a severe gambling addiction, one of extreme level.  I had almost lost everything such as, my job, my family, almost being evicted, including my sanity.  Financial institutions were threating legal action I had over fifteen credit cards and in a great deal of debt.

Mary guided me with her professional approach using the TRTP therapy method. This process assisted me with breaking the current patterns and mapping out new behaviours.  It has now been close to five months and I have made a great deal of changes in my life for the better. I am no longer gambling this is not who I am today, and no longer am I lying to family and friends.

Although words can never really justify my appreciation. I felt it was important to share my story five month down track and say thank you.  I highly recommend this process, I found Mary very professional and caring.  I have no hesitation in recommending this process to other people experiencing gambling addictions.

To this day, I continue to work on myself and it is not only about overcoming an addiction but learning how to live again, a life that is happier and healthier.  I have learnt that I have wasted way too much time gambling instead of living.

Thank you once again Mary and all the very best."